Not In My House!

14.09.2016 – Day 258

Not In My House!


I’m not referring to our new, cleaner eating commitment as a diet, but I can sure relate to this.

It’s hard to stay away from all those foods that are unhealthy, especially if they’re in the house!

So, the solution is easy, right?

I am the primary shopper so I really have to stick to this and resist temptation and refrain from even bringing the bad stuff into the house in the first place. If it’s not in the cupboard or fridge, we can’t eat it! Right? I’m not going to be one of those people who zips out to Woolies in my jammies for an ice cream…. nope.. I’ll send Chris! LOL

I’ve looked through the current food supply and we’re doing okay.  No major offenders here.

I guess we’ll just see how we go with the grocery shopping tomorrow as I walk through the aisles of temptation. I’ll just have to keep chanting not in my house, not in my house, not in my house!



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