Cutting Carbs

13.09.2016 – Day 257

Cutting Carbs


Carbs get such a bad wrap.

They’re always the first to go when people start “watching” what they’re eating or when  they want to drop a few kilos.

I find myself in the anti-carb camp right now. And the anti-sugar and the anti-fat one too. I’ve put on a few kilos since I got married and it’s time for them to come off…AGAIN!

Honestly, I don’t know how many times I’ve lost the same 10-20 pounds, but let’s just say more than a few. And, that time is here yet again. Maybe this time, it will be for good. I certainly hope so. I know. I know. Hope is not a strategy. It’s going to take more than wishing the weight away.  That’s why I’m trying to attack this from all angles. I am eating less and eating better. I am getting more exercise. I am trying to better understand the nutrition behind what I eat. And, both Chris and I are on the journey together, so hopefully we’ll keep each other in line.

Those of you whose weight fluctuates like mine can probably relate to the challenging task I now have at hand. Those of you who don’t have any weight issues, I hate you! Just kidding, but I am both jealous and in awe at the same time.

Oh, how I wish that could be me. Instead, I’m off to lose 10-15 kilos and then reassess.

Wish me luck.

At least as I hope this image shows, I might not have my carbs, or my sugar, or my fats, but no diet will ever steal my sense of humour!





Hat tip to for the great image.


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