The Care Factor

10.09.2016 – Day 254

The Care Factor


I think this sentiment stops a little short. I guess you could say that this  chicken doesn’t get quite to the other side. But, you wouldn’t ’cause  it’s a rooster!

It’s my opinion, on this, the eve of my 54th birthday, that the older we get the less we care… about things like:

  • How others view us
  • Fitting in
  • Being trendy, slim, rich, beautiful
  • The unimportant things

I don’t think it’s a case of not caring about anything and everything. I think it’s more a case of selective caring, about caring only about those things that we’ve learned are important to us.

To me, that’s the true gift of aging. The freedom to care or not to care as you see fit. The comfort in your own skin (even if it’s chicken, okay, rooster skin (but chicken works so much better for my analogies)) that aging brings with it, the knowledge of who you are and what drives you, and the less important some things become.

So, yes, this rooster makes a point. The older we get… the less we care… about some things… but, we balance that out with caring more about others… The gift of aging and maturity is that these are the right things for us!


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