No Fear of Flying Here

05.09.2016 – Day 248

No Fear of Flying Here


I might not have been there in person this year, but they still gave me thrills, got my heart pumping and my stomach stirring (thanks to the wonders of video).

I absolutely love flying, especially in smaller aircraft. I even love the sound of the hum of a small aircraft engine – it’s like a comforting song playing off in the distance. And I’m hearing it right now as I type this.

I’ve been lucky enough to have flown in a great variety of small aircraft (the benefits of having once dated a pilot) – a Cessna 152 and a 172, a Seminole, an open air bi-plane, a katana, a king air 100 and 2oo, a glider, and various others. Been up in a few helicopters too.

But, I’ve never had the thrill of being aboard a fighter jet or a real aerobatic plane like the Canadair CT-114 Tutor that the Snowbirds fly.

This  is my ultimate flying dream.

It’s that great big bucket list item that I fantasize about doing.  I would love to fly with the Snowbirds. Could you just imagine???

Perhaps some day I’ll realise it.

Until then I’ll enjoy looking up to the skies and watching the beauty of these powerful beasts and the precise flying skills of those  who pilot these rare birds from the ground. And I’ll watch a video or two when I can’t be there in person.

Any which way I watch them, they still give me thrills!!


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