If Only We Were as Informed as We Were Opinionated

03.09.2016 – Day 246

If Only We Were as Informed as We Were Opinionated


As I cruise through social media post after post, one thing strikes me, many people have no idea what the heck they’re talking about.

Hey, I’m all for having an opinion. Just ask me. But, to share it boldly and publicly without any reverence for the facts associated with it, is just plain…embarassing!

Go ahead, stand up for what you believe in. Challenge life’s atrocities. Whinge about a dislike or how you’ve been wronged, but for heaven’s sake people, at least base your reaction on some facts. (They’re pretty easy to find these days)

The world isn’t short on opinions, but I suspect it may be somewhat lacking in opinions formed from actual data. Like this image says, “Try being informed instead of just opinionated.”

In addition to making you appear more aware, being informed also makes for a much stronger argument and increases your understanding of all sides of an issue. .




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