22.08.2016 – Day 234



I love something new!

A new dress, a new idea, a new destination, a new friend… there’s something about something new that is captivating. Whether its allure is tied to the promise that it’s bursting with possibilities, or that it is unpredictable or that it’s bound to include a few surprises along the way,I’m not sure. Perhaps all play a part in my enjoyment of the new.

I feel about creativity like I do about something new. And why shouldn’t I? Creativity to be is seeing things differently. It’s creating things that weren’t there before. It’s developing new and different approaches to doing things. It’s the making of things, ideas, processes, ideas that are fresh and new. So, creativity and something new are related.

When you allow yourself to be creative, when you knowingly practice creativity, you are bound to be surprised because when you are creative you are developing the new.

I don’t know about you, but I love the surprises that my creativity delivers. It makes life unpredictable, interesting, exciting, and fuller when you allow your creativity to surprise you, even if you think you know what you have set out to create in the first place.

How does your creativity surprise you?




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