A Dark Day in Toronto

20.08.2016 – Day 232

A Dark Day in Toronto


A few days late for the actual anniversary but, I do remember this dark day back in 2003. Do you?

I worked for Drake in BCE Place, yes, on the 18th floor. I walked a pregnant woman down all 18 flights when we were let go early. Thankfully she didn’t do the same!

Luckily I had driven my car into the city that day and wasn’t relying on the “NO GO Train” to get home. While it took over 3 hours to get home, the numbers of people I saw pitching in, helping, direct traffic, bringing water to the police and the others who were also pitching in and directing traffic,  those offering shade, food, opening their pools to their neighbours,  was all reassuring.

The Cresthaven neighbours came together – we all fired up the BBQ’s and had a bit of a street party. I even remember one neighbour offering up her pool water to us so that we could “flush” our toilets. It’s the little things.

While others weren’t so lucky.It was a few days inconvenience for me, and it created some great memories.

So, where were you? What are your memories of that dark day in Toronto when the lights of our great people shone despite the lack of support from the grid.


Photo credit – The National Post


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