16.08.2016 – Day 228




Has this ever occurred to you? Sometimes when we find it hard to accomplish our goals or get closer to our dreams, all we see are obstacles.

It may help to remember this, “what you want, wants you too.” Perhaps , that helps make it feel a little less one-sided. Maybe your goals don’t seem so selfish if you first consider this. Maybe it just means there’s more karmic power focused on the achievement of your goal than you realised. Whatever the implication, it’s a powerful concept to remember while in pursuit of our wants and dreams.

I hope this thought, this concept, helps to bring you even a tiny bit closer to realising your goals.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I think there’s a fit, size 12 body, out there looking for me, and I need to go find it!

Hat tip to Shannon Kaiser Writes for the image!



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