That “Crazy” Aunt

14.08.2016 – Day 226

That “Crazy” Aunt

crazy auntI was lucky enough to be able to have a great visit with my nephews this visit. And, I have to say, just how impressed I am by the fine young men they’ve grown into.

They are smart, hardworking, funny and handsome young men who I am very proud of. Obviously, both their parents have done a fabulous job in raising them.

When it comes to family, I suspect every one fhas that “crazy” aunt. By crazy I mean, different, unique, fun, jovial, outgoing, etc… not unbalanced or maniacal. It occurred to me, that this might just be me in our family.

I had one. She wasn’t actually family, by blood. But, she was more family than most of those people I was related to. She lived a colourful life, full of all types of people. She was strong and funny and the most energetic person I think I ever met. She alwasy showed an interest in my sister, brother and me, she celebrated our birthdays and whenever we would visit, she would make time for us, entertain us and when Mom and Dad weren’t looking, slip us a few bucks, so that we had a special little something of our own to do with what we wanted.  I later began referring to this as being, “Aunty Margaret-ed”.

While I don’t know if she realised it or not, she was a real inspiration in our lives. She became like a second Mom to me, especially after my own passed away. In her final act of “Crazy” Aunt-ness, she actually passed away on my birthday.  I loved my “Crazy” Aunt.

I hope that my real nephews will be able to benefit from the example she showed me. I hope that I will able to become the “crazy aunt” that helps make their lives a bit brighter, a bit more fun, shows them a different perspective, encourages them, and possibly shows them how to be a “crazy uncle” when it’s time for that.




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