Take Five

10.08.2016 – Day 222

Take Five

five by five

We all get upset at something.

Maybe you got cut off in traffic. Or, someone you care about is seriously ill. Your sibling ignored your birthday. Maybe you live far away from family and friends. Friends made plans without you. Or you just got fired from your job.

Some things are worth being upset over, conversely, some things just aren’t. I love this quote because it’s a very smart way to put life’s upsets into perspective.

I figure, it’s okay to be upset about the serious things in life, but, even then, don’t let that last too long. Feel it, deal with it get past it. As for all the other stuff… the 5 by 5 rule applies.

Tuck this one away for next time.

You may be surprised by just how often you use it!



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