Don’t Use That Tone With Me

05.08.2016 – Day 217

Don’t Use That Tone With Me


Arguments, we’ve all had’em.

But, why? What causes them?

Most arguments aren’t actually based on a difference of opinion. Most could be avoided if we changed how we express ourselves. Most could be avoided if we just changed our tone of voice.

Nonverbal expression is powerful. If we appear disinterested, unengaged, agitated, dismissive, passionate, sarcastic, aloof, or a plethora of other emotions, we could well be fuelling the flames of a dispute.

Perhaps if we listened a little more and became far more in tune with our own and others’ visual cues and tones of voice, we might be able to avoid a few altercations.

If we concentrated on the disagreeing part rather than the being disagreeable part of the exchange – perhaps we could maintain a discussion rather than letting it lead to a dispute.

Next time you find yourself heading toward a colourful exchange, perhaps, you can adjust your tone of voice, and maybe, just maybe, you can have a discussion rather than an argument.






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