Just Say YES!

04.08.2016 – Day 216

Just Say YES!


Some people may regard this philosophy as being risky. Some might think it’s dishonest. Some may view it as aspirational. Some impossible. Some may even think, “Ya, easy for him to say.”

When I really think about this approach, it is one I am familiar with. In life and in work I have applied this philosophy a multitude of times. While each opportunity has been different, they each share a common outcome. That outcome is growth.

If I had not accepted that job that I didn’t really know how to do, I wouldn’t have developed the management skills I’ve had with me since. If I didn’t buy my own home, I wouldn’t have some of the great friends and the great memories that I do, the financial security, or the pride and confidence that comes with making home ownership work on your own. If I hadn’t moved to Australia, I probably wouldn’t be celebrating almost 10 years with Chris. I wouldn’t have some of the wonderful friends that I now have. I wouldn’t be travelling as much as I am and I wouldn’t be as globally aware as I now am.

Richard Branson is definitely on to something with this life philosophy. Whatever amazing opportunity comes your way, jump at it. If you don’t have what it takes, it will probably help you to grow. If it’s truly an amazing opportunity it will enrich your life and pay off, providing you returns that are greater than anything you might have imagined.

In saying yes  to the opportunity, you’re also saying yes to the fabulous benefits  that come along with it.


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