The Power of Unplugging

02.08.2016 – Day 215

The Power of Unplugging


We all need to recharge at some time or another. However, most of us don’t get enough time to stop, unplug, and revitalise ourselves.

Weekends, vacations, school holidays, time off between jobs, sabbaticals  and retirement all represent big breaks that provide us time to unplug and recharge, but they don’t happen nearly often enough.

So, maybe, what we need is time more often, but in smaller bits. What if we consciously took more time to unplug? We could take ashort breaks at work, talk daily walks, meditate for 20 minutes, go for a run, relax in the hot tub,  read in your favourite chair, play with the dog, and join the kids while they colour.

There are many opportunities for us to unplug. In this hectic and plugged-in world. We can suffer when our own batteries are running too low.  So, the next time you need to recharge, you may want to unplug for a bit and enjoy a revitalising activity. You’ll be fully charged again in no time!


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