Is It Time for An Emotional “Garage Sale”?

30.07.2016 – Day 212

Is It Time for An Emotional “Garage Sale”?

moving on

Do you have something that you just need to accept and move on from? Most of us do.

Is there something that keeps hanging around and is preventing you from being the best you that you can be?

Does a memory or an action of another keep you stuck in the same place?

Well, today, might just be your lucky day.

Today is moving day.

I don’t mean pack up everything you own, rent a moving van and change addresses. It’ more like a metaphorical moving day. Moving on.

We’ve all had things happen in our past that hurt, embarrassed, scarred us, or that we can’t understand. Just because they happened, shouldn’t automatically mean that we carry them with us forever. The weight could well become too much to bear.

So, if you think that you could stand to lessen your load, maybe today you can embrace moving day. This quote reminds us that moving on doesn’t mean that you will forget the incident, action, or situation, or what it taught you, but it does mean that you need to accept that it did, take the lesson, and move on.

Life’s too short to carry all that extra “stuff” with us when we move. If you need to, perhaps now it the perfect time to have that emotional garage sale!



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