Will I Ever Be Fierce?

28.07.2016 – Day 210

Will I Ever Be Fierce?


Whenever I return to Canada, I feel reinvigorated. I feel stronger. I feel energised. I feel more connected. I feel more settled. I guess that I just feel more like I belong. It’s familiar.

I know where stuff is. I can myself around without a GPS (mostly). I have memories associated with people, places, and things. I have a lifetime to look back on . I have a feeling of connectedness through the people and the experiences that have shaped me into me. I have lots of friends and acquaintances from all chapters of my life, here, all in one place.

In short, I feel stronger here. I feel more confident, more connected, more me.

Like this poster reminds me. I feel fiercer here.

I wonder how I would be different if I lived here rather than Australia. I wonder if by living here, the every day would lose its charm. I wonder if I’ll ever be as fierce in Australia as I think I could be here. I wonder if Australia will ever feel as familiar to me as Canada does.

I wonder if this is the year I’ll finally be truly fierce.

I wonder.



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