What Happens on Wednesday May Change Things Forever

29.07.2016 – Day 211

What Happens on Wednesday May Change Things Forever


Be it good, or be it bad, change is unavoidable.

Sometimes it happens in small incremental steps like buying a new car, travelling to a foreign country, or going on a first date. And, sometimes it happens in huge leaps, like moving to a new country, losing a loved one, or finding a new passion.

There are days in our lives that seem rather pedestrian. They seem like just another day – same old, same old. But then, there are the times when we get jolted in to consciousness and change brings a new vitality, a new perspective,  a new vibrancy, a new consciousness to our existence.

Whether change is good or bad, depends on you and your situation, but the one thing you can count on is that it will happen. The second truth about change is that its timing may well surprise you.

So, if you’re not one who embraces change, maybe you should relish in that uneventful Tuesday that feels just like another ordinary day, because, Wednesday may well come along and change things forever.



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