Are You A Jackass Whisperer?


23.07.2016 – Day 205

Are You A Jackass Whisperer?


Hates. We’ve all experienced them. Whether they’re in the form of online trolls, the school bully, or the opinionated co-worker, we’ve all had an experience or two with a hater.

As TayTay says, “Hater’s gonna hate, hate, hate…”. And, she follows up with the best advice for dealing with haters, “Shake it off. Shake it off”

I love what Scott Stratten adds to this discussion. He suggests that there are some haters you wouldn’t even want to win over because sometimes a hater, is a hater, is a hater. Sometimes, haters are just jackasses looking for a platform from which to force their views upon others. Sometimes, they’re just looking to boost their own egos. Sometimes, they’re looking for a fight.

Don’t be tempted by these kinds of haters.

No one needs to be the “Jackass Whisperer”. And, seriously, who would really want to be?



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