A New Personal Best

13.07.2016  – Day 195

A New Personal Best


I’ve just had my best week yet of my freelance life.

Not only am I working on over a half dozen projects, I’m working with six different clients who are spread across the US, Canada and Australia.  The work is challenging and every project has its own unique mix of demands it puts on my skills. I’m enjoying my client interactions, finding some time for my own professional development and some of the work is even what I would call fun!

I may not be servicing as many clients as other consultants. And, I might not be making as much money as them either.I might not have as many fancy lunches or go to as many interesting events, but you know what? It doesn’t bother me in the least.

I’m running my own race. I’m progressing. I am focused on continual improvement.

So, what others are doing doesn’t concern me.I’m not in competition with them. I’m not having to run by their rules or perform against their milestones because I’ve found what works for me.

I am quite sure that after 2.5 years of the freelance consulting life, that I’m running my own race. I’m also quite sure that i have recently recorded a new personal best.  Yay me!




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