Cries of Inequity are Everywhere – What are We Doing About Them?

07.07.2016 – Day 189

Cries of Inequity are Everywhere – What are We Doing About Them?


Equal rights. Yes. I believe in them. And, yes. I am saddened by just how inequitable the rights of the entire human race actually are, even in 2016.

Whether this inequality is driven by geography, culture, politics, economics, class, ethnicity, age, gender, or sexuality, the evidence is clear that we aren’t even close.

One thing that is equal ,though – each of us as individuals should be doing whatever we can to close the gap that exists around our world when it comes to the rights of humans.

Where do we start? How about with ourselves,  with humility. How about we surrender our arrogance. How about we stop thinking or feeling  that we’re superior to others? How about we  take one cause. There are certainly enough of them. Take your pick –  LGBT rights, women’s rights, the right to equal pay for equal work, the rights of an unborn child, the right to free speech, the right to an education, the right to clean water, the right to clean air, the right to die, the right to vote, the right to medical help, the right to safety, the right to enough food to sustain us, the right to travel, shop, go to school, go to a movie, have a hot chocolate without fear of being shot.

The equal rights cry of the LGBT community is but one cry echoing throughout our inequitable world. There are so many others if we’d just stop and listen.

Maybe it really is a crazy idea to think that everyone should have equal rights. Even if it is, I don’t think we should stop trying to realize it, do you?





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