Sometimes You Have to Unfollow

03.07.2016 – Day 185

Sometimes You Have to Unfollow


Sometimes this is so darned tempting. Sometimes it’s an absolute necessary. Sometimes it’s a fleeting thought or whim, or a knee-jerk reaction to a comment or action.

Some of us have had it done to us. Some of us have done it to others.

Unfollowing is not just a practice unique to social media. We’ve been doing it offline for years.

The truth is that some relationships end, some change, some get better, some worse. Some new ones start. Some you’ll have for a lifetime, some for a moment. That’s just life.

When a wise friend posted this quote on Facebook, the comments received ranged from “Amen!!!”, to “Been there, done that.” to, “Sometimes it’s necessary and so worthwhile.”

I have to agree with these sentiments all round.

Life is short and it’s dynamic. Our relationships, no matter how good they may have been once, can change, and no longer serve us. Not so much as “serve us” in a selfish way, but in a healthy or a quality of life way.

If you are in relationships like that, one that is physically or emotionally unhealthy, one that is far too one-sided, one that continually depletes you, or even one where it’s just habit and there’s no enjoyment, enrichment or common interest, then maybe you should unfollow people in real life. Maybe you’d be better served to move on.

LIfe in the offline world and life in the online space have at least one thing in common, when it comes to friendships and followers, it’s not about the numbers, it’s about the quality of the relationship, and it’s about having the people in your life who are the right people.







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