Be A Flower

02.07.2016 – Day 184

Be A Flower

Don’t get me wrong, I think competition is a wonderful thing. It helps us to find the motivation  to be better, stronger, faster. It helps to improve output so that the end user benefits. It helps to drive prices down and innovation up.

But it has its place. Sometimes, competition just isn’t necessary. Sometimes, like it is with a colourful garden, we just need to blossom at our own pace. We need to bloom in a way that’s true to ourselves. We don’t need to compete with those around us.

If we just be the best flower we can be, and the flower beside us does the same, and the one  beside him does the same, together we form a beautiful garden. Individually we are beautiful, none more beautiful than the other.

There is time for competition with others, there’s time for competition with ourselves  and there is also time to be a flower.

flowerHat tip to Shannon Kaiser for sharing this on her Facebook page and this design from @jessicasafko


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