Don’t Settle

28.06.2016 – Day 180

Don’t Settle

dont settle

It’s tempting. It’s easy to settle for what life deals you. Many people live their entire lives that way.

I’m not one of them. I agree with this quote. I believe that we need to take control of our lives, that we need to choose how we spend it, with who, and where.

I remember when I was single I could often be heard saying, “I’m ready to settle down, but I’ll never be ready to settle.” And that same thinking drove my career pursuits and many other choices I’ve made over the years.

I believe that we need to take responsibility for our own lives and that requires us to be active participants and to make conscious choices, sometimes ones that are unpopular. Settling might be much easier at times, but I also see settling as surrendering and turning over the responsibility for your life and the happiness it brings to someone or something other than you.

I want to look back years from now and say, yes, for the most part, I chose my life. I created the life I wanted. I didn’t settle for what found me. I didn’t settle for the easy way. I didn’t settle for what worked for others. I didn’t settle for an unfulfilled life.

I want to have a life that is custom-designed just for me, one that makes me happy, one that focuses on what I deem important.

I think I deserve it.

And, I think you do too!




Attribution: Thanks to Shannon Kaiser for her original post on her Shannon Kaiswer Writes page on Facebook.


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