Lost and Found

21.06.2016 – Day 173

Lost and Found

lose ourselves

Whether it’s in our dealings with people, places or pastimes, this quote is so right.

Have you ever lost yourself in a conversation where it was so compelling that you lost track of where you were and how much time has passed? If you have, I’ll also bet that you lost yourself and found yourself there too – finding commonalities, sharing experiences, entertaining ideas, exchanging hopes, and comparing dreams. I

If we really look at those passions, those peak experiences, those important people in our lives  – all those things that we love, we will probably see that we can both lose and find ourselves in, with, and through them.

Maybe that’s why the pursuit of love is so compelling. Maybe we are not only looking for another. Maybe we’re just looking to both lose and find ourselves in the love of another, in an experience, in a hobby, or in a passionate pursuit

And maybe it’s that rare juxtaposition of lost and found that makes it feel so darn good.

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