Minus the Meetings

20.06.2016 – Day 172

Minus the Meetings


It’s Monday morning. I have a lot to do today.

When I look at my list of tasks for the day, one of the things I’m happiest about is not having any meetings.

Sure there are a couple of one-on-one discussions, and possibly a briefing over Skype, but none of the 20 person, 2 – 4 hour marathon meetings that never start on time, get sidetracked every 20 minutes, have no clear agenda, no meetings that regurgitate everything that was said at the last one, none that are a thinly veiled soap box for the ego maniac, none where there are no minutes or action items noted, none that go on way beyond the end of the work day and none where your boss surprises you with a request in front of a dozen or so peers for a status update or your thoughts on something you haven’t prepared for.  There are no meetings where that guy or gal who went swimming in a pool of new cologne over lunch is choking you out of the small space, none where jargon is tossed about the room like a volleyball, or where there are just sheep like agreements, votes in favour, and even applause to make the boss feel better or in hope that it will bring the meeting to an end. Nope – none of those.

The freelancer life has a lot to offer and one of the freedoms that goes along with it is a freedom from the dreaded unproductive, ill-planned, poorly organised, patience-testing long-winded, make you want to poke your eyes out, unnecessary meetings

To that, I say, “Alleluia! Hail, the freelance life!”


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