Work Worth Smiling About

18.06.2016 – Day 170

Work Worth Smiling About


My heart sang today when my husband called and not just because I was hearing his voice. It was what he said. He shared a revelation that he’d just had. He was telling me about his day and in the few minutes he had after wrapping up the day and getting ready to join the team for an evening out, he realised that this new job “feeds my soul”, his words.

He is currently in Milwaukee as part of the team putting on another fabulous EdTechTeam Summit. He just completed one in Cleveland and is enroute to Amarillo, Texas. By the looks of the picture above, he’s not the only one who’s loving what they do.  This team works incredibly hard and plays hard too.  And the team is filled with intelligent, innovative people who are passionate about making a difference in education.

I’m so glad that he made the choice to leave a school where the culture did not change in a way or at a pace he expected so that he could embrace the EdTechTeam experience. The company’s CEO and its founders have built a truly refreshing organisation that is making a difference and is allowing its people to feed their souls in the process. It’s an organisation that also allows its people to learn, experiment, and evolve the overall offering as they grow.

In my books, that’s work worth smiling about!


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