That’s How I See It

17.06.2016 – Day 169

That’s How I See It


Maybe this is why I love photography so much.

It is definitely my visual art form of choice. A wise photography instructor once said that you if you’re looking to specialise in a type of photography, think about what it is that you enjoy most.

If you’re an action junkie then capturing high-speed car racing might be your thing. If you are forever fascinated with people, then portraiture might be right for you. If nature draws you to it, then photograph that.

This was good advice because photography is an art of observation. It is about finding something interesting in an ordinary place. Like this poster says, it’s more about how you see things, than what you see.

Personally, I think your interest, your passion and your fascination is what drives you to see some things differently than others. It’s in adding that emotional connection to the physical act of capturing a moment in time, it’s the emotion that takes photography from act of technology to an expression of art.

At least that’s how I see it!



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