More or Less?

14.06.2016 – Day 166

More or Less?


I’d settle for one OR the other right about now. I’m still reeling from the news out of Orlando and the senseless slaughter of so many innocent people. The devastation to the injured and to the families and friends of those who lost their loved ones. So many lives have been forever altered and inextricably linked by such a tragic event.

These people  at Orlando’s Pulse nightclub were just trying to come together to drink, eat, dance and relate to each other in a safe and enjoyable environment.  In making their plans for the night, they should not have had to even consider for a moment that they would be gunned down en masse and slaughtered as they did so.

I weep for this world at times and this is most definitely one of those times. I’m sick of seeing people accepting events and tragedies like this or Sandyhook (those we beautiful little souls, innocent children who will never have the chance to grow up and make their parents proud). They don’t have to happen.

But, they will continue to happen as long as the US continues to cower to the NRA and allows open access to firearms, especially assault rifles. It’s going to continue to happen if people buy in to hate mongers and ridicule people who are different from them. It’s going to happen if people from around the world don’t stand up and scream the message that there is a better way – so many countries around the world practice much stricter gun crontrol and have the significantly lower shooting death statistics to prove that it works.

I thought that Obama might have been our chance to see significant change on this issue, especially in his final term. But, as he readies to leave and either Hillary or, so help us all, Trump, prepare to take his place. I am truly frightened, saddened and sickened all at the same time.

I don’t want to see another incident like this or worse. However, the world has a way of sending us messages for change. When we don’t listen, they get louder. When they fall upon deaf ears and see no action taken, they get louder still.

We are being screamed at – the cacophony is deafening — we have to hear this message. No one else should have to die for it to get through, come to think of it, all those before today shouldn’t have had to either.

I can only hope that more and more Americans and more and more global citizens will take it upon themselves to heed, adopt and demonstrate the powerful and necessary message shown here and that they do it every where, every day, and with everyone. It has to start with you, with us, with those of us still here to speak up, demand more, and take action.




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