The ROI of Travel

12.06.2016 – Day 164

The ROI of Travel


When you travel you enrich your life, expand your world view, diversify your knowledge of geography, nature, people, language, culture, and history. The world is one gigantic classroom where we can immerse ourselves in experiential learning.

Spending money on travel has tremendous ROI, even if we don’t see the value at the time.  Whether we explore a new suburb, city, country or continent, the life experience, knowledge, and insight that travel provides is valuable and worth the money we spend on it (I think of it more as an investment).

As I write this, my step son is in Casablanca or thereabouts, my step daughter is readying for her month long trip to Europe including Greece and France, tmy husband is soaring at 35,000 feet with lots more planned for the balance of the year. While I can’t quite keep up with his frequent flyer status, we are both becoming richer for the travel experience.

On that note, I must go and book my flights to North America.

Where will you go next?



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