The Future You May Be Grateful Things Didn’t Work Out

11.06.2016 – Day 163

The Future You May Be Grateful Things Didn’t Work Out


Tell me if this sounds familiar. You wanted to marry her – you didn’t care that her parents didn’t like her. When she left you for someone else, you were devastated. Then a few years later you met the love of your life. And, she gets on so well with your folks, but then she should because they introduced you.

You aced the interview, you got a call back, the job was yours, but you got the call that they had given it to someone else. How were you supposed to get experience if no one would hire you? How could you ever be successful if you never got started getting experience with these big firms? That all made sense for a while. It made sense until you got so frustrated with rejection after rejection that you started your own firm. You worked hard, grew, made some mistakes, grew some more, and now you’re as big as the firms you were interviewing with less than a decade ago and on your own terms.

You didn’t get that house you put an offer in on. And, it was so perfect. You saw yourself cooking in rhat kitchen, swimming in that pool, planting gardens in that yard. It was close to work and yes, it was a couple hundred thousand dollars more expensive than you budgeted for, but hey, you’ve got a decent job, been ther for 10 years, the bank will lend you the extra. That was yesterday. Today when you had your weekly meeting with the boss, you were let go. No severance, no warning, nothing.

Sometimes we know not why things happen the way they do. Sometimes what feels like our worst day or experience can be our absolute best in hindsight. Sometimes things happen that set us out on another path or a better journey resulting in a much-improved life.

Be grateful that some things don’t work out the way you want them to. Be patient. Trust that the future will show you why.


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