The Challenge of Change

10.06.2016 – Day 162

The Challenge of Change

challengeTo grow, we have to change. To change, we need to be challenged to do, see, and, act differently.

So, the next time you’re faced with a challenge, either anticipated or unexpected, maybe it will help you to see its real purpose, the real reason life is dealing you this hand, if you remember this quote.

As unexpected, unplanned, unpleasant as some things we have to deal with in life are, deal with them we must. For the only way past something is through it.

We usually come out the other side, stronger, smarter, kinder, gentler, or better at some component of our lives. So in the next challenge you are dealt, try and look beyond it, into the future and look for the change that it can create in you.

Hopefully, these changes will make you a better person. So, in some way, you can see that the journey was worth it.




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