Silence Says So Much

08.06.2016 – Day 160

Silence Says So Much


As a writer and lover of words, it’s often hard for me to stay quiet.

Words have an incredible power and I believe we should use them to speak our truth, ask questions, make comments, show support, voice opposition, and connect with others.

But, there are times when silence is required. Sometimes, things are best not said. Like the spaces between the notes in an opus, silence can give power to the words.

Silence does not always have to be used in anger or as a punishment.

It can be that invitation for another to speak up. It can be that moment shared between two people that bonds them for a lifetime, that place where words would have failed. Silence can be the gift of not laughing in response to what another has said. Silence can be that time we spend with ourselves where we listen to our soul and our feelings rather than our words. Silence can be that lack of judgement of another. It can be the gift of time for someone to gather the courage to ask their question or say hello. Silence can be the choice to end an argument. Silence can be that moment with nature when you soak in her endless beauty. Silence can be that extra moment given in a speech where the penny drops and you finally understand its meaning with the ultimate in clarity.

Words are powerful, but sometimes silence trumps words.Sometimes the choice to be quiet says so much. Sometimes, silence is the only appropriate response. Perhaps we should try to use it more often.




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