Could Our Unique DNA Bring Us Closer Together?

06.06.2016 – Day 158

Could Our Unique DNA Bring Us Closer Together?

I watched this video with interest. I’ve always been keen to learn about DNA and its effect on our physiology. What this experiment surprised me with is how it can impact our cultural views, our ideas about other cultures, our perspective on people and this diverse world we all inhabit.

The woman at 3:42 makes such an insightful observation. It is her message that I took from this research, from this study, from this video.

If we all did this, we would see how connected we all are. We could see how there is no such thing as a pure race. We could see how one race is no better than the other because we are all mixed. There would be less (or no) extremism. There would be less (or no racism). There would be fewer (or no) wars.

Our DNA offers us information about a proliferation of things. Is it possible that through examining our own unique DNA that we could better connect with each other and become closer, more accepting, more respectful of, more loving of our global cousins?

I like to think that almost anything is possible, especially if science is involved.



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