Smile and See Where it Leads

04.06.2016 – Day 156

Smile and See Where it Leads


Just as you can’t help but smile looking at these cute little creatures, most people can’t help but smile if they are smiled at.

And let’s face it, smiling just feels good. It lightens our spirits, it makes us look, and even feel, more attractive. It’s a signal to the brain that things are good and that we expect more good things to come. A smile means we’re happy. And happiness leads to being at peace. And peace in one person can be contagious.

Why don’t we try a little experiment together?  Let’s take one day next week and smile at every person we encounter. Every single one. Smile at the neighbour you see when leaving the house. Smile at the neighbour you see when leaving the house. Smile at the driver of the car you’re stopped next to at the lights. Smile at that coworker you don’t really get on with. Smile at the barista who makes your coffee. Smile at the stranger you pass on the street. Smile at the store clerk who’s loudly chewing her gum. Smile at the unhappy toddler who’s screaming up a storm because Mom didn’t buy him a toy. Smile at the mom. Smile at the person sitting on the street corner begging for spare change.

At the end of that day, see if you feel any different – besides having sore cheeks, ask yourself if you feel any happier, any more connected, any more peaceful, any more loving, any more loved.

I’m willing to bet you will.

Let’s try it and see! I will if you will!




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