Travel is Like Love

03.06.2016 – Day 155

Travel is Like Love


Pico Iyer the British born travel writer and novelist had these words to say about the parallels between travel and love. I think he’s spot on.

Being in love with both, I understand the comparison. No ‘if’s’ about it. Travel is like love in many ways.

Like my good friend Wanda, I always feel so much better when I have trip planned, an adventure to anticipate, especially if it’s to someplace I’ve never been.

As I write this, I’m probably hours away from booking some travel back to Canada for a visit this July/August. While I can’t wait to see family, friends and the familiar again, I also need to add a “new” component to this journey.

I’ll plan a day trip to a place I’ve never been, or a road trip without a specific destination,  or make a stop enroute, just so that I can feel the exhilaration that comes from the “first time” visiting somewhere, or as Pico refers to it as being “undimmed by familiarity”.

Both love and travel serve up a heady seduction – I am very aware and drawn to their powers and  yet truly thankful that I am lucky enough to experience both.


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