It’s Good for the Soul

01.06.2016 – Day 153

It’s Good for the Soul


What is your art of choice?

What is it that speaks to your soul? or lets your soul speak?

Is it singing, photography, drawing, music, poetry, sculpture, clothing design, stained glass, writing, ballet, furniture making, performing,  cooking, or perhaps painting?

Regardless of your chosen art form, it’s important that we not only have them, but that we spend time enjoying them.

oLike this quote by Vonnegut says, practising our art is a way to connect to our soul. Spending time in artistic expression not only helps our soul to grow, but it’s necessary if it is ever to soar.

It’s amazing how often as adults we lose our artistic focus and spend less and less time pursuing our artistic interests. We rarely get around to spending time enjoying these seemingly indulgent pastimes.

Personally, I think this is one of the reasons we may feel old before our time. Think about when you were four or five. Wasn’t that a time where you spent much of your time pursuing your artistic interests – drawing, painting, singing, building models, performing, sculpting, or dancing?

Perhaps art is the key to unlocking our soul’s full potential and letting it soar. Maybe this strong connection with our soul becomes a way for us to tap into our own internal fountain of youth.

The pursuit of art, any art, at any level, is a way to add more beauty, uniqueness,  and soul to our lives and those of the lives of people around us.

And, even if art doesn’t actually make you younger,  it’s undeniably enjoyable and without it, we’d have a world with far fewer masterpieces and a whole lot less soul.




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