Can You See the Difference?

30.05.2016 – Day 151

Can You See the Difference?

assholesThis is the second post in as many days dealing with children. What’s with that? Definitely just a coincidence.

I’ve said it before and most of you know this already, I’m a step-parent. I have two great step-children but they’re  adults now, so I’ve not had first-hand experience raising little ones, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have an opinion on what is or isn’t acceptable parenting.

There are some things you don’t have to have been a parent to recognise as wrong. Locking your child outside until they’re sobbing and melting down is not appropriate. Yes, I’ve seen this. And leaving 5 kids all under 6 in an unlocked van parked in a busy mall parking lot while you’re in the bank for 20 minutes is not good parenting. While this mother had no issue with it, once I observed this, I couldn’t leave them unattended until their mother returned. Going out shopping and leaving your toddler at home by themselves, even if they’re sleeping, is not wise, yes, I’ve seen this too.

And as this quote says, letting your kids run around and be little “assholes” in public is not on. I’ve seen kids ripping open products at the grocery store, slapping dogs, running up and down the aisles of a shop like they’re in a playground. I’ve seen them wailing and having meltdowns and hitting their mothers and talking back in a manner that is a way you might expect from a teenager, not a 5-year-old.  I’ve seen them throw apples on the floor and ram adults in the heels with their little kid-sized shopping carts/trolleys. I’ve experienced kids repeatedly kicking  my seat on the airplane and running up and down the aisles.

Parents,  your job of parenting doesn’t stop when you’re in a public place regardless of how busy you are with your shopping, chatting with a neighbour, or taking a call on your mobile phone. Letting your kids run around undisciplined in public and  letting them wreck things, cause harm to animals or other people, yell, scream, cry or just be loud and obnoxious, annoying, and disrespectful brats is not appropriate sociable behaviour.

So, parents, by all means, let your kids be kids, but don’t let them be little assholes. ‘Cause you know what the worst thing about doing this is? They grow up to be big assholes and there are more than enough of those around already!





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