We Can’t Give Them Everything

29.05.2016 – Day 150

We Can’t Give Them Everything

Google_One fo the things I noticed the most when I moved to Australia was that Australians didn’t seem to share the same rampant consumerism and need to acquire “things” as we do in North America. I also observed that life here was more focused on events, activities and spending time outdoors creating memories rather than accumulating the latest and greatest things.

While I can’t speak from much experience, I suspect that as parents most of us want better lives for our kids than we had and we want the absolute best for them.  We want them to have the things, the relationships, the experiences, and the knowledge that we didn’t.

The reality is that  we can’t give them everything. We may not be able to influence their relationships, we can’t insulate them from bullies, we may not be able to afford to buy everything they want, but what we can give them is the benefit of our years of experience.

We are all able to share things we’ve learned. We can teach them the things we wished we had known. We can help them to avoid some of the ignorance we had, or at least provide the knowledge to them earlier in their lives. Just imagine if you knew even a portion of what you know today when you were 10 or, even, 20.

Personally, I think knowing is far better than having. So if we can’t give them everything, we can always tap into an amazing reservoir of experience and teach them a great deal.

Yet, whether they’re ready to learn it, will be completely up to them.

We’ll just need to be patient. You have learned how to do that by now, right?



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