What Did You Want to Be?

26.05.2016 – Day 147

What Did You Want to Be?

grow upWhen you  were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? A doctor, teacher, artist. singer, construction worker, fireman, or perhaps a ballerina?

I don’t remember saying specifically that I wanted to be ____.. but I do remember playing “office” and shuffling, sorting, stamping and organising papers. I also remember a commercial where a woman wore a suit and heels and she was walking up stairs carrying a briefcase and I remembered thinking that I could relate to that and that it was an aspirational image.

But, by far, the clearest memory i have of identifying what I wanted to do as a career came from watching Bewitched. I knew the first time I saw Darren and Larry put together a campaign, that this was something I could see myself doing. I loved the punny word play part of advertising, the creativity of it, the selling of the idea, the creation of a campaign that would accomplish the client’s goals. I knew that there was something infinitely cool about creating a new concept that would stick in people’s minds, about creating a brand and its promise.

I fast forward 40+ years later and realise that I was lucky enough to experience my childhood career dream.

Did you?



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