Choosing a Lifestyle

24.05.2016 – Day 145

Choosing A Lifestyle


We arrived at our latest destination in our short Tassie getaway. Our home for two days is a fabulous spot called Freycinet National Park and we’re staying at the Freycinet Lodge which is a lovely collection of cabins around a pretty spectacular seaside natural paradise.

If you know me, you know that I dabble in photography and love to share the images of my travels, okay, maybe overshare is a better word. But, hey. I’m not about to change now.

In sharing some photos of our little hideaway I received a comment from an old friend – actually more like my other little brother, I’ve known him since he was about four when he and my brother, Paul, became instant friends.

He commented on my post, “Such the life you live ! Any advice on how to get one of those?” That’s the thing about Kevin, he has always asked good questions.

Chris and I are blessed to have the opportunity to travel – Chris’ job takes him away often. My job is completely mobile and we’ve worked hard and make some tough choices to choose this lifestyle because it fits who we are. And, because we live in an age where we can.

Here’s my response to Kevin, and anyone else who is interested to know. This lifestyle did not happen by accident. It was a conscious choice and it was guided by these philosophies:

“Yep. Do what you love. Think outside the box. Embrace change. Don’t follow, lead.Work damn hard, and play harder. Leverage technology and the opportunities it brings. Spend money on experiences and not things. Be flexible and open to the possibilities. Play with the world. Take every opportunity you have to travel.”


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