Gender Neutral

23.05.2016 – Day 144

Gender Neutral


There has been a great deal of discussion, media attention and debate recently about gender and transgender issues, including who should use which toilet?

Really? This is what society wants to talk about? Not wars? Not raping the planet? Not the pervasiveness of guns, ignorance, famine, disease?

Seriously, people, give your collective heads a shake. Most of us have no business weighing in on this topic because it has absolutely nothing to do with us.

This quote featuring the arrestingly handsome Robert Downey Jr. says almost all that needs to be said about casual public encounters with transgender people or anyone for that matter.

I might add, if you are authentically curious about transgender issues then be respectful, share your curiousity and have a discussion with someone who is on this journey. Don’t judge what you don’t know or understand, as the old quote says, “seek first to understand” and unless and until the point when you do understand, stay gender neutral and don’t judge because it really is none of your business.


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