Learning about Learning

21.05.2016 – Day 142

Learning about Learning


Being married to a teacher has taught me a lot. Hanging out with lots of teacher types has added to these lessons. And, this is just fine with me, mainly because I consider myself a life-long learner and I feel that living a life without learning would be far too pedestrian for me.

What has changed though over the last decade is my definition of education. I have learned that far more knowledge, far more understanding, far more real education happens outside of school, certainly outside of the classroom. and this, too, is fine by me.

Like this quote says, “not all classrooms have four walls”. Not all teachers are at the front of the room, or are older than you, or degreed professionals. The opportunity to learn surrounds us. We can learn from our experiences, those we share our lives with and from so many other sources other than a teacher and textbook.

I don’t equate school with an education or an education with attending school. If you want to learn, there’s not stopping you and you’ll do so anywhere. And if you don’t, not even the four walls of a classroom in a school will ensure that the learning happens.

What I’ve learned from all these teachers is that encouraging and nurturing  the desire to learn is far more important than  teaching any lesson.




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