First, Decide What You Value

19.05.2016 – Day 140

First, Decide What You Value


Do you find it hard to make a decision?

Maybe it’s not your decision-making ability that is unclear, perhaps it’s your clarity around your values that drives your indecision.

If we are clear on our values, then decisions become easier. For instance, if I believe in the sanctity of life, then things like the death penalty, war, hunting, are not things I’d make a decision to support.

Perhaps the next time you’re faced with a tough decision, look to your values for a little guidance. If you can identify which ones are at play and your authentic stance on them, decisions made through these filters become almost effortless.

And, if you’re not yet sure what your values are, then spend some time figuring that part out. Not only is this a duty you have to yourself as an intelligent adult, it will serve your future decision making well.



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