Go to Your Room!

16.05.2016 – Day 137

Go to Your Room!


So true!

How to you become a better tennis player? Play someone who is much better than you! How do you become a better Consultant? Learn best practices, tricks, and tips from your Consultant peers.

Improvement comes from exposure, from tapping into the expertise of others, from reading, from studying, from being open to different information, from, let’s face it, people who are smarter than us.

So, as the quote suggests, if you find yourself as the smartest person in the room, maybe choose another room. Perhaps you’re there to be giving back and sharing the benefit of your experience. That, in itself, is a worthy pursuit, so go ahead and spend some time in that room.

But, if you wish to continue your journey, to expand your knowledge, and your skills, you have to spend time in other rooms, rooms filled with people from whom you can continue to learn so that your journey towards omnipotence keeps progressing.

Hat tip to Michael Field for the original share!




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