Portrait of a Creative

02.05.2016 – Day 123

Portrait of a Creative


Creatives. We all know them. Some of us are them.  Some of us envy them. But how can you tell who’s who?

How do you distinguish a creative from a non-creative sort?


Here are 10  of the characteristics that appear to be common to most creatives. How many do you demonstrate? Do you agree with the list? Do you have others to add?

Here are a few more I found and/or “created” on my own:

  1. Are naturally curious
  2. Get excited by lots and lots of things.
  3. They don’t take themselves too seriously.
  4. They daydream (almost ritually)
  5. They take time for solitude.
  6. The are keen observers.
  7. They seek out new experiences.
  8. They lose track of time.
  9. They connect the dots.
  10. They surround themselves with beauty.
  11. They seek out change and challenge the status quo.
  12. They know and pursue their passions.
  13. They do what works for them, rather than follow the norm.

Did you know that when you ask a class of Year 1’s to put up their hands if they think they are creative – almost every child in the room sticks their hands up. When we ask a year 12 class the same question, only a few will self-consciously raise theirs.

What does that say about our school system? (oh, here’s another trait – they ask the big questions.)

So, put up your hand if you’re a creative? I certainly know that  I am.

And, if you are, too, be proud and loud about it. It appears that we’re a shrinking in numbers, no thanks to our education system.







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