In a Family Way

30.04.2016 – Day 121

In a Family Way


I come from a small family. I have very few relatives on either side. I do, however, have people I call relatives, that aren’t blood at all.

I’ve often wondered what it must feel like to come from a truly large family, to have lots of brothers and sisters, cousins, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews and have seconds, thirds, and greats among the group.

Then I realise that I do. Well, sort of. I am truly blessed to have some wonderful people who I call friends. Some are closer than others, some I’ve known much longer, some are from Canada, some from Australia, some from various other parts of the world.

Friends have always been incredibly important to me. Even as a very young child. I was lucky enough to have an older sister who looked out for me and then a younger brother who I could then watch out for, but I still remember having a real need to befriend my neighbours and classmates. I recall how much more enjoyable things were when I could invite a friend along and share the experience with them.

I have continued to make friends as I go. Their place and importance in my life has not lessened, quite the contrary. Our bonds have become stronger and stronger, even in spite of the distance. And I am very grateful for what these people have added to my life over the years.

I’m also lucky that even though my family tree is a veritable sapling, many of my friends have been generous enough to share their family. So, even though I’m not related by blood to many of them, I am fortunate enough to have many “families” to relate to.



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