The Funny Thing About Memories

28/04.2016 – Day 119

The Funny Thing About Memories


Do you remember when we …?

Fill in the remainder of that sentence with your choice of whatever stupid thing you did in your youth. Do you have lots to choose from? Just a few interesting tales? Or barely any at all?

I don’t know about you, but for me, it feels good to look back on my younger, sillier days and be able to admit how precarious, ridiculous and stupid I was … occasionally. I look back with fondness and find that it was a simpler time, a time of growth, experimentation, and of learning.

The more colourful stories of my youth represent some consummate bonding moments with friends, many of whom I am still friends with today. These ‘stupid things’ we did together are fun to look back on. Some even prove to us how lucky we were to survive, to escape unscathed, without repercussion, how much we have changed,  and, how much we’ve grown and matured.

It’s funny how when you do something truly silly, something that punctuates a time frame, an event, a friendship, that something then serves as enjoyment for years to come.

I guess regardless of whether they are smart or stupid things we’re doing, what we are really doing is making memories. And the thing about these kinds of memories is that the sillier the incident, the funnier they are to look back on.

Why not give yourself a laugh today and take a look back to a sillier time, to a memory that helped make you who you are today.

Personally, I have so many, I don’t know where to start!




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