Life is Not About Stuff

24.04.2016 – Day 115

Life is Not About Stuff


The older I get the more this sentiment rings true.

In my 20’s and 30’s I was much more concerned about accumulating, stuff, wealth, property, solid credit ratings, the latest in clothing, jewellery, etc.  Thankfully, since then, I’ve wisened up.

This quote reminds me of how far I’ve come. While I was never what I would call obsessed with “stuff”, it did hold far more allure than it now does. Now, the important things in my life are my own health, the people I share it with and their health and wellbeing, the experiences I have, the travel and learning opportunities that I’m exposed to,  and making a difference in the world and the lives of people around me.

When I peek over the fence to our neighbour’s house, I see an entire backyard lined with sheds filled with “stuff” they rarely use, it’s a close reminder that this isn’t the way I want to live, so I must thank them for that.

None of us know how long we are here. And the harsh reality is that we probably all won’t be here nearly as long as we would like. This makes it so important for us to realise what is really important, what we want our lives, for however long they end up being, to be about.

Not to be macabre, but more of a realist, when you look, hopefully far, far, far, into your future, what will people stand up and say at your funeral?

It’s a tough question to ask. Probably even tougher to answer. And, given what some of us have to deal with, it’s far tougher and more confronting for some than others. And my heart breaks for those in this all too human situation.

My wish for everyone that I love, or even like, is that we gain clarity around our true purpose, have enough time to realise it and when it is our time, that we are surrounded by loved ones, who appreciate us for exactly who we are, love us, and help us and who will be able to stand up and give testament to ours being a life well-lived, whenever that time comes.

For all of us, let’s hope that is a long, long time off!


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