What’s Your Sign?

23.04.2016 – Day 114

What’s Your Sign?

a sign

My good friend Christopher hangs this sign in his sight line where he’s bound to see it when  he’s working in his home office. He says,”It’s my clever way of inspiring myself every day.”

I may just borrow this idea  because I quite like the tongue in cheek humour that  goes along with this as well as it’s constant reminder that there’s no waiting required, that it’s time to get moving on whatever it is that’s important to you.

It also got me to wondering what things other people do to inspire and motivate themselves at work or in life.

I have a few motivational quotes that I stare at on the wall in front of my desk. I set daily to do lists that I take an almost perverse pleasure in ticking items off. I try to build a social component into as many projects/tasks as I can and I am a big believer in having as much variety in my day as possible.

Now, over to you. This question goes out to all of you – what is it that you do to motivate and inspire yourself?



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