When Doves Cry Purple Rain

22.04.2016 – Day 113

When Doves Cry Purple Rain

purple rainI woke today to the trending sad news of Prince’s death, It struck me how long I had been listening to his music. It seems like forever ago that his song 1999 used to be one of the few songs that beckoned me to the dancefloor. That was 1982 – I was 20.

Back then, the thought of the year 1999 seemed so far away. I couldn’t really comprehend it for it was almost as far away in years as the number of yearsI had been on the planet. It felt like it would take forever to arrive. And, in an instant, it did. Faster than I could have ever imagined.

And now? My God, 1999 seems like a  lifetime ago. A different world.  Such is the paradigm of time, I suppose.

While I was saddened to hear that another of music’s royalty had passed. And at only 57 years old.  I was even sadder to hear it resulted from a drug overdose. So perfectly avoidable.

Amongst the doves crying, within the sadness, another emotion reared its ugly head. It was that of fear. I’m not sure it was purple but it was raining on my optimism.

I realise that I’m afraid of just how quickly time is passing. And hearing of people that few years older than you passing away hammers that startling message home. Most of us probably don’t have as much time as we think we do.

I just want to slow it down. I want to squeeze every drop out of life. I was to have fun and enjoy people, places, and things. I want to share it with old friends and make new ones. I want to dance, sing, eat, drink and be merry.

Come to think of it, I want to party like it’s 1999!










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