Choose Wisely

19.04.2016 – Day 110

Choose Wisely


The ubiquity of information today astounds me.

We live in an age where the barriers to entry into new-found knowledge have all but disappeared.

Through interactions with people,  books, television, and computers, those of us enjoying a first world existence can probably learn anything that we want. Let me repeat that. We can probably learn anything we want. Anything. We can learn a new language, about climate change, how to play an instrument, a country’s history, accounting, first aid, the evolution of our political system, how to code, yep, anything.

Whether you take a course on, watch an explainer video on YouTube, watch a documentary on television, read a memoir, or connect with a world expert through Skype of Google Hang Outs on Air for a one-on-one conversation, access to information is easier than it’s ever been.

You don’t have to do all your learning in schools and libraries, or just from books. You can learn while you’re at the gym, walking the dog, driving to work, on vacation, anywhere.

And the most stupendous thing of all is that much of this information is available to you absolutely free of charge.

So given our opportunities for learning are more available, more diverse, as vast as our interests, easy to access, and cheap to obtain, my question to you is, “Why the heck don’t we take better advantage of it?”

Why isn’t our collective intelligence keeping pace with the growth of information availability? Why are we still so ignorant about so many things?

Why don’t we choose more wisely?

Why do we choose ignorance?



Hat tip to +EthanBoyle for the original share 0n G+




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